Simply Smartlovers

Background to the Smartlovers When we all met for the first time in Norway in 2019, we didn't know that we would eventually realize such a project. The reason for Smartlover is very simple - we connect Europe in a smart way. At the moment 4 countries are working on it, and everyone is contributing with their skills. Thank you and hello from...

A real smartlover – Claudio and his Explorer

A special thank you goes to our adventurer Claudio and his explorer. It is absolutely unbelievable with what joy he makes the trip of a lifetime and with what passion he can enjoy the support of all Smartlovers. f you don't know him yet, you should definitely take a look at this trip. Just incredibly great!  

Westwoodforest Smart Tour – Germany

Thanks also to Peter for sharing your event and the nice information. It gives us great pleasure to see the passion with which you take care of it. The story behind Westwoodforest Smart Tour First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Peter Saar and I have been part of the smart community since 2004, and this is where the origin of...

452fun – Roadster club from the Netherlands

452fun - Roadster club from the Netherlands Thanks to Theo from for the information. Even if I am not allowed to go to the event with my Little Lover (450 Cabrio :-D), it will definitely be a highlight in 2020 for every roadster fan. Of course, I will look for an elegant ride so that we can report here! If you want to know more about...

The Grupo Smart 2830 – Portugal

Portugal - We would like to thank Filipe from Grupo Smart 2830 - you are the beginners!   The Grupo Smart 2830 ("Twenty-eight, Thirty") is a Portuguese recreational and cultural non-profit organization fully dedicated to the Smart car brand culture and lifestyle. Founded in 2018, the Grupo Smart 2830 mission is to create a community and...

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