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Portugal - We would like to thank Filipe 
from Grupo Smart 2830 - you are the beginners!


The Grupo Smart 2830 (“Twenty-eight, Thirty”) is a Portuguese recreational and cultural non-profit organization fully dedicated to the Smart car brand culture and lifestyle.

Founded in 2018, the Grupo Smart 2830 mission is to create a community and promote contact between Smart car enthusiasts.


The Smart 2830 Group appears in mid-April 2018 within the Lisbon suburbes as a result of the passion and the lack of clubs and meetings for Smart Car lovers within the Setúbal District in Portugal.

It is trough a conversation between comments on sie social network Facebook that comes the idea and the challange to make a small tour for Smart fans of this region. It is than created an event on this social network for this purpose.

This tour takes place to Cape Espichel on April 29, 2018, in which 9 adventures met, who even being unknown to each other, shared the same desire to enjoy the pleasure of driving their Smart car together and in company of others wiht the same spirit.

As a result of a positive atmosphere and the passion shared by thes adventures, a spirit of unparalleled companionship is born and the Grupo Smart 2830 is formed with the aim of bringing together the greatest number of car enthusiasts and make caravan visits throug beautiful landscapes and sights of cultural and historical richness.

Text: Filipe Galvao – Grupo Smart 2830


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