Love Story of Smartoune – Muriel / France ❤️

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❤️ The passionate smart story of Smartoune ❤️  – Thanks to Muriel from Marseille!

My love story with the Fortwo Smarts it begins in February 2002. You should know that before this date, I could not bear them because I found that it did not roll. But in fact, it was the drivers who drove like snails. And since I had a Chrysler Voyager, I only dreamed of one thing, it was to put a bull bar in order to push them down the side …

So I go to the garage for the revision of the Voyager and we What does a loan vehicle offer me? a cup of yogurt !!! yellow tridion black in addition !!!!! dead of shame, I didn’t want to ride with “that”. But, I had to go home. And there … surprise! After 30 km, I told my husband that I wanted one and when I went to pick up Voyager, I ordered for a passion in LOA (Rental with Option to Buy) ) and can be changed every year. So I had 3 different color passions before buying myself in 2005, the Brabus.

I immediately made small changes to be able to make tuning meetings: neon under chassis and inside, flamming cutting of doors, track wideners, rear wings + large, paints, reprogramming and other accessories and after a few mockery, I had a lot of success and therefore a lot of awards, cups, trophies, articles in the newspapers … happy with my project, I had it tattooed on my calf.

I was and still am the only Smart in the rallies. I was immediately called Smartoune so I got this pseudo tattoo on my forearm. Then, I went to the Smart Days at Nevers Magny Cours in the middle of France in 2006 and it was there that I saw a CrossBlade for the first time. It was love at first sight and I promised myself to have one. Thing was done at the end of 2013 and it was gone again for modifications: tuning chip, good big sound, painting, covering, air suspensions and other accessories … and tatoo on the hand! I had even more success: cups, trophies articles in newspapers, automobile magazines but also at the Smarttimes of Salou in 2017 with articles in Spain, Germany, compliments of the team of Smart mechanics, highlighted on the Podium, and above all an interview in Auto Moto, (a program much loved by car enthusiasts) on TF1 the largest channel in France.

But it is out of the question to separate myself from my BraBus. Today, I am very happy with my 450, one for the winter, the other for the summer … these are my favorites especially because of the peanut fires and the ease of parking in all directions, which is not the case with the one after which has 20 cm more and I am not talking about the last which, for me, is a “Renault”. Passionate, I started a collection that I complete as soon as I find something interesting and I even managed to find the complete panoply of the perfect Crossblader: glasses, jacket, flaps, backpack, belt, wallets, bag travel and many other things Smart … Ridicule does not kill! I am living proof and even if I find myself a little crazy, I enjoy myself and that’s the main thing!


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  1. Christian Bulli Spickermann

    Christian Bulli Spickermann
    Hi Muri u made my day ♥️✌️

    U really the craziest SMART fan ever ! 😍
    Keep on smarting…..


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