“Ceemo” – A Smart for Childrenhospice

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A special request has reached me in the past few days and I am happy that I can report on it!

In addition to all the tuned smarts, the fantastic 451s, 453s, roadsters and e-smarts that wie are showing, the Ceemo is a model from the past.

I asked Magnus to write a few words about Ceemo. Can we help him? It is about a total of 200 Euros that decide whether Ceemo dies or not and make work in the hospice easier.

“Be SMART fort Charity”. “Ceemo” is the official private voluntary Smart who support the child hospice www.sternenbruecke.de . Ceemo is the first car in history of the child hospice since 2017 who get the permission to do charity for the sick kids, to sent them a smile on her last days on earth. Ceemo is founded by the voluntary star wars and charity project www.mission-orange.de . Mission Orange fullfill the wishes of the sick kids and her familys before they pass away. Kind regards and may the Smart be with you, allways! 😉 Kisses, Magnus.”

If you want to support Ceemo and Magnus in their work, please contact him here on facebook.



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