😍 The sLOVEnian Smartstory from Tjaša / Slovenia 😍

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Hello all Smartlovers!
Here is my Smart story from sLOVEnija.
I got my driving license quite late when I was 28. The first reason for that was that I was living in the city and actually didn’t have a need for a car. I was mostly using city transport.
The second reason for not driving and getting driving license so late was my fear related with the sadly fact that women in my family are not known as a good drivers if you know what I mean 🙃. For example my aunt got her car license in her late thirties and I think that she made it in her eight test/try. The instructor said to her that she should brought her daughter instead of her. She was deeply affected and immediately replaced the instructor with the third one. 😅

But after moving on a country driving and owning a car became a necessity. Thanks God! And here is the point where my love with the smart cars arise. YAY!

I needed a small car and the most important: the car with automatic transmission. Now you already know why! 😆 Since that moment I’m a big fan of a Smart cars. Now I’m the owner of the second one. First smart was a gray model of a smart for Two (very earlier passion model). When I was buying that car there was a funny coincidence. I had to go to pick the car in Ljubljana 45km away and there I figure out that the car was selling my neighbor Matej which is my good friend now and also my Smart car mechanic. He is also one of the biggest Smartlovers I know. And having a mechanic for your own Smart car as a neighbor – that is a blessing, though I haven’t had any special mechanical problems to mention. Yes, my Smart car is a very good boy. Indeed!

My mechanic Matej also brought my second Smart – the car that I own now – from Germany. This one is a red passion model MHD… I really love that car and he loves me. I take a good care for him. Everyone in my village knows who is driving that small red car with the music so loud that the car is almost jumping. I hear a lot of times that my car is special and very cute – like me

😍. Once my neighbor said: Tjaša were you in Trebnje (town where I rarely go)? I saw your car there yesterday… So cheating my husband is not an option for me 😉. Everybody knows where I am. I’m actually so proud to own that car like owning a Ferrari. Once I was driving on a motor way and red Ferrari overtake me. When the driver saw my car he was driving next to me quite a long time showing me thumbs up for my car…👍You probably know that feeling when you want to make your Smart even more special? So I decided to pimp it a bit: embed led headlamps in front, rear dimmed pile, alloy wheels, quality sound system and chip tuning horse power. Last year a police man stopped me and checked if I have a proper papers for that wheels… and of course I do have them. Evan if getting those papers were a master study. Safety first is my rule No1.

And by the way I became a black sheep in my family… a very good women driver. My good friend says that I’m like Fittipaldi. So if you see a women in a red Smart driving multiple circles in a roundabout that must be me enjoying good rubber grip 😀.

In the moment I’m not thinking to switch it. I put too much love and money in that beloving car. But I’m sure that if there is going to be another one… it’s going to be the Smart car again (with automatic transmission of course).😉 And more horse power… Smart Brabus maybe? YEAH BABY! Tailormade? Yes please!

A big hug to all Smartlovers!

Thanks for sharing the fantastic Story Tjasa 🙂


by the editor: 
Matej is a mechanic for smarts in Slovenia, 
you can find him on our map!


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