😍 A fantastic smart story from Paola / Italy 😍

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My first Smart arrived in November 2015. Beautiful!

We spent a year together.

But I wanted the 451.

It arrived in December 2016. I was very happy !!!

Black and gray, passion turbo … but after a few months black and red. As I always wanted.

I started taking lots of photos of her. I called her SAETTA!

I applied the stars (first very small and then large) and I began to make them aesthetic touches.

On social networks I began to be very active: I followed Smart Milano, Mercedes dealers and I enrolled in groups and clubs.

I was beginning to feel that I could no longer do without her and sharing her photos made me feel good.

I started taking some photos on Valentine’s Day, carnival … and sending them to Smart Milano.

Liked! They in turn published them on their FB page.

I was no longer in the skin!

I began to attend the dealers: my son was following me (and still follows me today) happy and participated with enthusiasm in my passion. Our!!!

In December 2018 I decided to give a postcard, via social media, to make Christmas greetings: together with my Smart I also posed dressed as Santa Claus.

It was appreciated and shared: from that moment I felt that I had to continue.

Then I thought “it would be nice to be able to decorate even a 453 …” and I proposed it to the Milan dealership … and on the first occasion (it was Valentine’s Day) they accepted!

It seemed like a dream! I didn’t believe it … but it was all true.

I began to recover everything needed for the occasion and from here the trolley was born where I transported everything to perform an Car Party Design in an elegant way. My suitcase of dreams.

Then I proposed to another Concessionaire an installation showing what I had done in the other and they accepted them too.

To date, I set up Smart at every party (Carnival, Valentine’s Day, spring, summer, Halloween and Christmas): the dealerships like it and also the customers. My son follows me and helps me with balloons and everything you need by jumping from one Smart to another. Obviously always with our Lightning!

I always think Smart …. that’s right!

Smart created me a hobby, a passion and introduced me to friends.

When I get on the Smart and close the door I enter my world.


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