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Hy all,

I’m Jean Klingenberg from Rotterdam in the Netherlands and my story with Smart started in 1999.

My than wife wanted a car of her own and me being a fan of small cars the search ended on a Thursday night in the Hague. Within an hour she ordered here Smart a Jackblack Pulse citycoupe with orange interior.
She enjoyed it for about 5 years and even took it on holidays to Austria and Italy.
We parted with it, mostly due to the poor way the dealership treated their customers.

After that experience i only returned to Smart in 2012 when i bought a Roadster, took that to Smarttimes in Buochs Luzern and entered th Dutch Smart Forum. Did some tours with them and started to enjoy the scene around these fun little cars.
I owned this one untill it got wrecked in october 2015.

The first thing i did was but another one which i found in Charleroi and imported to the Netherlands. Over the years it got completly rebuild and i still enjoy it today.
I took it to Hamburg and Hambach but also on roadtrips to Norway, England and Scotland. This years roadtrip to Wales had to be cancelled.

To keep the Roadster in good health i bought a 451 passion turbo in 2016 in KΓΆln Germany.
At first i intended to use it as a daily drive but being me, it got customized and tuned to the pocket rocket it is today.
This is the one i took to the North cape and the Familymeet in Haugasund.

Last year i bought a red 451 for my mums 70th B.day and she really loves it too.
She also registered for the 2020 smart family meet in August.

In Holland i organised some tours and in 2018 i founded Smart Club Nederland on FB, currently with 285 members and multiple posts daily.

I also have some blogs i keep on FB.

Smart Roadietrip 2018 on the trip to Norway
Smart arctic challenge on my 2020 trip
Rascal HP117 on the little pocket rocket.

Pages filled with pictures and movies of my adventures.
Movies can also be found on Roadiecam on YouTube.


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