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My story about my little lover ❤️

Unfortunately I am always the first to scream HERE when I go on an adventure, so I was able to witness the founding of the Smart Club Norway 5 1/2 years ago. Together with an old friend, we started the trip from northern Germany to Norway and spent a few great days with great people (greetings to Mini Marcus and Big Marcus). At that time I drove a lilac-metallic-colored old diesel lady, which has always served me faithfully. (sorry Ralf, ich musste auf dein Foto zurückgreifen 🙂 )


5 years later, in September 2018, I put her fate in the hands of a car driver from Bosnia. You know, the guys who snatch your old car from you for 500 euros, even though they know that it’s worth a lot more. But I did it and then got the big brother of the Smart. You probably know that – once smart always smart. Seems to be the case with many. At the end of December 2018, the invitation to the 5-year meeting of the club came along with the 1st Smart Family Meet in Norway. What should I do? I didn’t drive a Smart anymore! The announcement from Marcus was very simple, then you probably have to buy one.

After a short complaint in my workshop and the request if you could put together a suitable Smart for this tour, I was able to make a rather emotional decision. Because 3 weeks later – the workshop understood that I was serious – I had 2 cars to choose from. A boring, black diesel and my little darling. Well, it was time to listen to my inner voice and I never looked back. The decision was between boring, economical and fulfilling the purpose or fun, adventure and smart passion. Well, I wasn’t looking for a car for everyday life – I wanted to awaken my zest for life.

So the specific requirement for my workshop was that this Smart be made so ready that I can enjoy this great adventure trip without technical difficulties. And believe me, the guys from the Smartpirates in Lübeck were very happy when I got back to Lübeck safely. You must have secretly painted 3 red crosses because I made the promise that in the event of an emergency you would have to pick me up and the Little Lover in Norway.



A fantastic 1st adventure trip with my daughter brought us and the Little Lover to Norway. And the unforgettable time with many strange people once gave us the knowledge that strangers can become friends. In addition to stormy ferry trips together with Belgian and Polish / English friends (thanks to Andre, Els and the Kids), joint trips to the beautiful nature of Norway, including goat-like sympathy, wonderful evenings (thanks Ronny for Drinks at your wonderful Caravan) and rescue from homelessness (thanks Gil and Natascha for woke up) at the campsite, the Little Lover can tell a lot about what we have experienced together . So every ride with my Little Lover is still a piece of memory of wonderful moments and happy anticipation of what is to come.

My little lover made sure that I was allowed to drive winding roads in Norway with a Roadster Brabus (thanks to Matej), he made sure that I had a great weekend in the Taunus and Bavaria. (Thank you Natascha, Rene, Steffi, Oleg, Christian, Hatice and Matej) He made sure that I was able to see a bit more of Europe and that besides my fear of heights I also overcame my fear of flying. All of this would never have happened without my little lover!


But in addition to all the fun, the Little Lover has a completely different meaning for me. For many years I was accompanied by anxiety and panic attacks. It took many years to leave this behind me. The Little Lover is my gift to myself that I have taken my brave path and can now really live a completely new form of happiness. And he reminds me in days that are sometimes not so nice never to forget this again.

And the bottom line of the story of the little lover is – without him – the Smartlovers site wouldn’t exist either! ❤️❤️❤️


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