Smartlovers on Tour – Roadstertimes 2020 in Zeeland / Netherlands

Ein fantastisch, anstrengendes Wochenende liegt hinter uns 🙂 Unser Bericht zu den Roadster-Times 2020 - unter Corona Regeln - aber mit einer Menge Inspirationen. Zu allererst ein dickes Dankeschön an Matej, welcher nicht nur durch halb Europa tourte,sondern auch den begrenzten Platz im Lieblingsroadster mit mir und meinem Gepäck teilen musste...

Time to say thank you 😘

In between all the wonderful stories, I don't want to miss to say a big thank you to my technical support. Kostya / Ukraine does a wonderful job and it is a pleasure to work with him. Even if he does not always have it easy with me, often has to wait a long time for an answer, he is just a very remarkable teenager who takes his job very seriously...

❤️ The Little Lover Story ❤️ – Silvana / Germany

My story about my little lover ❤️ Unfortunately I am always the first to scream HERE when I go on an adventure, so I was able to witness the founding of the Smart Club Norway 5 1/2 years ago. Together with an old friend, we started the trip from northern Germany to Norway and spent a few great days with great people (greetings to Mini Marcus and...

😍 A fantastic smart story from Paola / Italy 😍

My first Smart arrived in November 2015. Beautiful! We spent a year together. But I wanted the 451. It arrived in December 2016. I was very happy !!! Black and gray, passion turbo ... but after a few months black and red. As I always wanted. I started taking lots of photos of her. I called her SAETTA! I applied the stars (first very small and...

😍 The sLOVEnian Smartstory from Tjaša / Slovenia 😍

Hello all Smartlovers! Here is my Smart story from sLOVEnija.I got my driving license quite late when I was 28. The first reason for that was that I was living in the city and actually didn’t have a need for a car. I was mostly using city transport. The second reason for not driving and getting driving license so late was my fear related with the...

Upcoming events:

Smart Family Meet 2020

Smart Family Meet 2020

Big yearly event where all the smartlovers meet and have fun together! This year event is based in Poland, and organised by Smart Klub Polska, Smart Autoclub and Smartclub Smartmelodie.


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